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Health & Safety

At Inspire Kids Early Learning Center, we know learning is interrelated. Children’s health and safety are our highest priority. We work to develop an environment that is free of all hazards and where children feel safe and welcomed. To ensure children’s safety, we have the following procedures and policies in place:

  • We ensure indoor and outdoor environments are free of any hazards.

  • We supervise children’s activities all the time

  • Preparing for Emergencies and availability of nurse consultant in case of medical emergencies

  • We address any incidents as they occur

  • Informing families of the procedures and practices that keep children safe

  • We collaborate with families and the local community to promote the health and well-being of each child

  • We facilitate children and family access to local resourcing, including health, mental health, and dental services

  • We Integrate health, safety, and nutrition into the program's ongoing activities, professional learning, curriculum, and assessment practices.

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