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About The Founder

Nasteha Muse started Inspire Kids Early Learning Center after more than 8 years of work experience with Head start, Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), and Family Childcare programs throughout King county.

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Nasteha’s mission is to offer high quality comprehensive, child-and family-centered early learning programs that cater to children who need the program the most - the low-income, immigrant BIPOC families. Nasteha completed her BA in Public Health and Medical Anthropology from the University of Washington and her Master’s in Business Administration from Seattle University.

Nasteha has worked at Harborview medical center as a diabetes educator and navigator for adult diabetes patients before starting her
role at Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) as an Early Learning Health, Nutrition, and Safety coach in 2015, where she developed her passion in working with children and family engagement practices. Nasteha’s interest in comprehensive Community-based early
care and education started after she noticed consistent gaps in Early education for racial, ethnic minority, immigrant, and low-income children.

Her mission for Inspire Kids Early Learning Center is to provide equitable childcare and education that support all children’s health and educational development, including socio-emotional development related to a child’s cultural, racial, and linguistic identity. 

Nasteha’s goal for Inspire Kids Early Learning Center is to create
a program that invites families to participate in all aspects of decision-making and goal-setting for their children, where families are engaged in a way that is truly reciprocal.


Why Enroll at Inspire Kids?

  • We accept Working Connections Childcare assistance and the ECEAP program

  • Multilingual staff and we encourage the use of the first language while learning the English language 

  • Staff are highly trained: Lead Teachers have BA degrees in Early Childhood

  • Education, and Teachers have AA degrees

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Inclusive care for children with special needs

  • Health and safety focus and family-centered program

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